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Why I'm short TWITTER (TWTR)

  (Shutterstock)   - Summary - Decline in US user growth makes this a precarious investment. Twitter faces serious claims it benefited from sex trafficking. New monetization plans are going to be hit or miss. Current valuation assumes continued revenue growth at unrealistic expectations. The entire market is due for a correction and the tech sector could be hard-hit. Overview Twitter (NYSE: TWTR ) has historically performed poorly as a stock in relation to the broader market and big tech, until last March and the pandemic bull run when it took off from the mid $20's to the mid $60's price it hovers at today. While catalysts such as strong quarterly earnings results and new monetization initiatives are valid, the outlook going forward is tilted towards more risk than reward.  Investment Thesis User Decline in US Average U.S. daily active users were down about 1 million to 37 million from 38 million for the quarterly period. As reopening trends continue, TWTR and other popular s